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Tensor Group, Inc

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Tensor Group, Inc

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Tensor Group, Inc
10351 Rising Court 
IL 60517 Woodridge

Contact Person

Mrs. Martina Hozjan Ruda
Executive Vice President

+1 630 7399600
+1 630 7399339


IFRA Expo 2011: B401

is a privately held U.S. manufacturer specialising in single width web offset press equipment for commercial, insert and newspaper markets worldwide. Printing units are stackable to four-high, operate at speeds to 50,000 iph and offer broad 40” web widths. Tensor says its unit arch design is integrally unique from any other manufacturer. According to the company, a bearing-in-a-bearing eccentric design allows optimum dynamic support of the blanket cylinders and superior durability in the critical frame bore area, resulting in less print disturbance and a long service life. Rapid make-ready and quick “no tool” plate change features encourage a versatility of product mix. Tensor describes its top end model, the T-500, as a superior press unit with standard features such as a 100 percent helical drive design, motorised registration, bearers on both plate and blanket cylinders, reel rod-type blanket lock-ups, and state-of-the-art drives and controls. Tensor says its press units can be adapted to run with any existing press line. Jaw folders are designed for high page count newspaper applications or precision commercial folding applications at speeds up to 50,000 iph. The company adds that the heavy duty H-50 1:2:2 jaw folder is considered the industry standard due to its high speed, multiple web capacity, product options and easy changeover capability.

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