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EL-KO sas di Würslin Manfred & C.

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EL-KO sas di Würslin Manfred & C.


EL-KO sas di Würslin Manfred & C.
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Contact Person

Mr. Thomas Würslin
Sales and Technical Manager

+39 0341 420102
+39 0341 220246


IFRA Expo 2011: B501

Quality is the focusing of EL-KO, which, with over thirty years experience on automation systems applications, is continuously oriented to technological and innovative products, as EL-KO ink supply systems are. EL-KO also projects and realizes electrical cabinets, for pre-existing systems too, and control and monitoring equipments for purification plant and ovens. EL-KO strategy is totally oriented to the efficiency of its products: systems are completely designed, assembled and tested by EL-KO, assuring high performances, safety and a long lasting life. The results are clearly visible and all the efforts are rewarded by the satisfaction and trust of its customers that still prefer EL-KO systems.

Elcolora is a system wholly created and projected by EL-KO for automatic and hydraulic ink feed: an easy and clean use, energy saving, simple functions, that change the way of ink dispensing. Main characteristic are: low working pressure with piping and valves as normally used for water (with a consequent cut of realization costs); use of hydraulic pumps for drums and containers, extremely profitable for central feeding and for different types of ink; loading of ink fountains also at great distances (more than 150 m). A significant lower operating cost in comparison to the pneumatic system and a negligible maintenance cost, complete the advantages of this innovative system. Elcolora is extremely profitable if used for more printing machines. Moreover, the software allows measuring ink consumption for each printing, visualizing container rest quantity on the display and the automatic stop of pumps when drums and tanks are empty. Several ink manufacturers have tested that with our Elcolora the ink structure, consistence and homogeneity are not altered, excluding eventual risks of ink components separation.

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