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Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.

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Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.

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Baldwin Technology Company, Inc.
Box 14,  Testvägen 16 
SE-232 21

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Mr. Per Schröder
Marketing Director

+46 40 439851
+46 40 439810


IFRA Expo 2011: B340

Baldwin Technology Company, Inc., a global supplier of press cleaning systems for more than 35 years, will use IfraExpo to put the spotlight firmly on its industry-leading products. Much of the focus will be on the ability to combine a number of Baldwin products into a total press cleaning system for optimum efficiency in the pressroom.

Combining Baldwin’s core products enables the company to provide global support, plus proven solutions to improve print quality, productivity and process costs while lowering waste and pressroom VOCs.

While on Stand B340 visitors and customers will see the complete range of individual Baldwin solutions, though our main focus will be on the cost-effective combination of systems to suit every printer, every press, and every financial budget.

For a low-cost solution but with an excellent blanket cleaning result, Baldwin offers its WebClean and TowerClean combination. This is a proven and tested combination and a solution currently in use at several newspaper print operations.

For a state-of-the-art system, with no compromises, there is no better solution than that provided by combining WebClean together with ImpactFusion or ProTech2. And by investing in Baldwin’s GuideRollCleaning and InkRollCleaning customers benefit from greater automation with the purchase justified by the need for less staffing.

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